Boot image fuzzy fault
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  Fault phenomenon:
  1, the boot image is fuzzy, although use after a period of time is also very gradually, but in the shutdown for a period of time will appear again after boot failure, but also a day than a day, failure is more and more serious;
  2, after the boot image has been blurred, also not better after using for a long time.
  Misunderstanding of the point of failure:
  Have professionals to see half of the two faults as tube in life, there are the maintenance staff to see will say adjust the contrast of ignition coil or focus potentiometer and accelerate the pole of the potentiometer will be good, others say it‘s graphics hardware malfunction or damage caused by the graphics card driver. The several kinds of fault point of judgement is wrong & ndash; & ndash; Tube aging and contrast down will not cause such failure phenomenon. As to adjust the gathered extremely and accelerate the potentiometer is not correct, this is take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, and it is hard to adjust to the degree of satisfactory, it won‘t be long before is the most let a person headache of failure will relapse, even tube will accelerate ageing.
  The cause of the problem and countermeasure:
  Usually use more than 2 years of colorful display will appear this kind of fault, the cause of the problem in most cases is of real picture tube tube caused by oxidation of be affected with damp be affected with damp, just replace the real thing can troubleshoot new header. But some people say that before plug in new header to first find a piece of sand paper burnish of tube end the pin of the protruding after clean, eyes is to remove oxide layer, it is no different in the gild the lily. In replacing the header of the tube, the author has some really have some oxides on the pin, but these oxides are missing within the original header onto the pin, as long as with xiaomao brush sweeps can remove. So far I have not seen pin by oxidation, but due to the large force and make the pin leak and damage situation of tube is met a few cases, so you don‘t use sand paper to grind, lest appear & other; Death & throughout; The damage! If change the header will replace the ignition coil doesn‘t work, but this work, the author suggest you had better be looking for the professionals. In addition, some models of the visual parts of circuit is more special, sometimes after failure also can cause the image blur, but then usually brightness and line, field amplitude also have exception, for such fault point I suggest you to deliver professional processing!