Display brightness too dim light and there is no law
Time: 2017-02-15 Reads: 695 Edit: Admin
  Misunderstanding of the point of failure:
  If the display brightness too bright, even when the brightness for & other; 0 & throughout; Image was a very bright, one would think that this is the brightness of the display automatic control circuit is out of control, this view is not quite right & ndash; & ndash; Although the control circuit is out of control of it can lead to this phenomenon, but it usually will not get out of control.
  The cause of the problem and countermeasure: the vast majority of cases this fault is put the magnitude of the power supply filter capacitance decrease or open (or virtual) caused by welding, so you can repair welding first try, if the fault is also in new capacitance can be replaced, nine times out of ten is the point of failure, if still did not settle in visual put power supply circuit to check whether there is a place for open circuit, such as suspect brightness again when all the above is the automatic control circuit (little possibility). Note: sometimes the memory fault can also cause the phenomenon, but the probability is very low.