Screen color breakdown
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  Fault phenomenon:
  1, in just the entire screen when the phone is switched on partial red colorful display with sweep back line (part), but the twinkling of an eye kung fu is also very;
  2, in the use of occasional screen aglow phenomenon, but also is also very quickly;
  3, the entire screen is white, and with a heavy flyback lines and protective immediately shut down (or black screen and no method to boot).
  Misunderstanding of the point of failure:
  For this kind of failure a lot of people say it‘s graphics card has a hardware failure, some will say tube scrap, others say it‘s graphics card driver of the damage caused by, these views are wrong.
  The cause of the problem and countermeasure:
  Indeed, touch very this tube failure will cause the failure phenomenon, but this is not no method to repair & ndash; & ndash; Available in mild electric shock, serious can rewind filament winding supply, and sometimes a gun color vision of virtual power resistance welding or assume the cut-off resistance larger can cause such failures or damage phenomenon. In addition, there are some models only have some minor interelectrode leakage, usually don‘t have to repair, just boot instantaneously partial color, a few seconds (1 kind of breakdown phenomenon).
  With extremely (sometimes only for leakage) fault for you only to professional maintenance personnel for maintenance, which is usually cause protective shutdown.
  For color no regularity of partial failure usually just put the gun related to visual power supply resistance and peripheral component repair welding can be done.
  Resistance for the power supply is breaking damage caused by the fault phenomenon and touch the very same as the full screen back to sweep line and a very bright color, but it will not lead to protective shutdown, the solution is simple & ndash; & ndash; With the resistance of the new resistance can! Of course, if the resistance is bigger, also want to change new processing.
  In wet season we need to put the tube in the tube of the oxide reasons into consideration, although therefore caused the partial color of fault is not much, but the author of the met, after analysis may be caused by the quality of design and the component is not very good: (.
  Note: don‘t know what is used to design or other reasons, partial color biggest failure probability of partial red, the second is the slant blue, finally the slant green:).
  In addition, there is a relatively easy to detour the failure reason of & ndash; & ndash; Dust too much cause screen display screen is reddish white! Such failures tend to occur in the display of color temperature is warmer, many display can set the color temperature), so to speak, have white (and similar color) partial red trouble you when it is better to clean screen and then the other checks, if the fault disappear means you will not go so the detours of "bad luck" :). Of course, some models of brightness value is set too low can cause this "fault" phenomenon.
  Note: if all of the above methods are not effective and monitor the service of the year has far more than five years, then we can be seen as a partial color gun aging leads to failure.