Screen flicker fault
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  Fault phenomenon:
  1, the edge of the screen flicker phenomenon;
  2, the entire screen flicker phenomenon;
  3, of a certain corner of the screen flicker phenomenon.
  Misunderstanding of the point of failure:
  Many people think this is the utility of the supply voltage is not enough or instability, some & other; Ace & throughout; Even by some with electronic ballast of lamps and lanterns or mechanical and electrical appliances to the interference with the colorful display power supply, caused by some, graphics hardware failure happened. These views are wrong, because the display of voltage is not extremely strict & ndash; & ndash; Currently the vast majority of colorful display can be under the power supply voltage of 100 v ~ 240 v is also work. , of course, if the voltage is too low or voltage fluctuation is too big the word of the other when don‘t know, but in the past two years, the country has produced results after implementation of the national rural network reconstruction, has fundamentally solved the previous problem of rural low voltage instability, voltage, and these problems is not usually exists in cities, so these factors are no longer important. As for other appliances can cause interference is less likely, colorful display, after all, is not mutual inductance of the use of regulated power supply, and other electrical appliances will not even bring interference is the flashing!
  The cause of the problem and countermeasure:
  Before two kinds of failure phenomenon of the real cause of the problem, usually due to virtual welding line circuit element, or the power source of + 300 v filter capacitance decrease caused by. While the latter is the possibility of not high & ndash; & ndash; Only in individual models and the more serious loss of capacity will appear because of this the human eye can distinguish the flashing. In addition, some models of apparent put a special power supply part of the circuit, the department of a particular component virtual welding sometimes the failure phenomenon. Of course, if you set the display resolution and refresh rate of the words of too high or too low can also cause such failures, so you can try the resolution and refresh rate set to the median (note: long-term work Yu Chaopin state can make some components ageing and fault, the fault point and difficult to find). And there is video card or display driver bugs, so you should try to update the driver. If above process is not effective, you can be the key to check whether the accelerating voltage and high voltage ignition coil produce too, because sometimes the two abnormal voltage can result in such phenomenon. Note: if there is a flicker of words, turn on the TV, it will first check if problems existed in the mains supply & ndash; & ndash; Such as capacity is too small or large voltage fluctuation (had better look for electrician check).
  In short, the maintenance of such failures that you must have a certain ability and professional knowledge, so I suggest you if still not after ruled out the cause of the problem of simple repair it would deliver the electrical maintenance department for processing.
  Sometimes some magnetic objects (such as some low power supply box or ADSL cats outside power supply, etc.) on the display will cause a certain Angle of the screen near the flashing, so meet this phenomenon should first try to remove a display of items around have a look, usually problem can be resolved.