There is water ripple on the screen
Time: 2017-02-15 Reads: 670 Edit: Admin
  Misunderstanding of the point of failure:
  Problem ^_^ it‘s a cliche, but I still want to say that, because some people think that only bad products or hardware failure of the display will appear water ripple. Actually otherwise, because almost all the CRT monitors have water ripple, just have light weight, usually as long as the monitor in 800 & times; Under the resolution of 600 or more without water ripple, but only in 640 & times; Under the resolution of 480 water ripple is also very obvious during (screen all white), suggests that it is not a hardware failure.
  The cause of the problem and countermeasure:
  If in 800 & times; There is water ripple under resolution of more than 600 words will pay attention to, if not warranty of words, you can find relevant departments to theory, if the words of the warranty has already expired, you can replace the first one + 300 v the capacitance of a try, if not effective delivery of professional maintenance department.
  In addition, some people say that this kind of failure is the quality of the graphics card has a problem, such as the corners, etc.), according to the author analysis the possibility is not big, but I have never met so caused the failure, so afraid to be conclusive, but in maintenance at the same time as you had better not put it as an important & other; The suspect & throughout; To avoid detours