Use of image fuzzy fault
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  Fault phenomenon:
  1, in the boot image is clear, but the longer duration of use and the increasingly blurred;
  2, occasionally in the use of image blur, but recoverable also very soon, but after using a few days or months is more and more serious, the more frequently.
  Misunderstanding of the point of failure:
  Some people think that this kind of failure is the problem of line display circuit part & ndash; & ndash; May be a manager, flyback diodes, flyback capacitance component such as the thermal stability of performance is not good or deficiency caused by welding. These knowledge can be said to be completely wrong, because none of these components can affect the image is clear or not.
  The cause of the problem and countermeasure:
  Category 1 fault phenomena of the real point of failure is usually due to the ignition coil of the focus knob aging, you can try to replace a ignition coil. Of course, if the display the service of the year has been more than six years, we also want to think the possibility of tube aging into consideration. In addition, the author once for a professor to teach digital repair one of the failure phenomenon of the machine is tube header and depending on the board of the large area of the cathode copper foil exist leakage phenomenon caused by (after the analysis of the problems such as design), so sometimes after maintenance difficulties can replace a real try. For category 2 failure phenomenon, usually kinescope tube caused by poor quality, you can be replaced by new product to solve the problem.